In this 21st Century World, things are going at a fast pace. Machines are everywhere. Everything is just made through use of technology. Whenever a new design arrives in the market, you get its cheap Chinese version beforehand.

However, there are some people who still make great products by using upper leather shears, a pair of scissors, nippers, punch handle, handled swing awl, hook & press stud, nylon thread, full grain aniline leather and lot of creativity. Yes, they exist.

I am John, owner of the storefront Urban Leather Bags, and have spent 27 years in world renowned fashion destinations and have reached India and met Ali, my business partner in India.

We bring you the best of handmade leather bags from the Heart of India, the land of diversities.

These leather bags are made by passionate artists, sitting in the lap of mother nature in an environment so calm, so serene.

Truly Handmade, Truly India.

John & Ali

Partner, Urban Leather